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          四六級高頻詞匯用法總結 1. able 用法:后面可以接to do, in, for但是不能接of 2. be absorbed in全神貫注于... She is completely absorbed in her book . 她在專心致志地看書. 3. be abundant/rich in sth...豐富,富于...; an abundance of大量的,豐富的


          1. able

            用法:后面可以接to do, in, for但是不能接of

            2. be absorbed in…全神貫注于...

            She is completely absorbed in her book . 她在專心致志地看書.

            3. be abundant/rich in sth...豐富,富于...; an abundance of大量的,豐富的

            用法:其后可以接可數或不可數名詞,但是總體是當一個可數單數形式使用;The tree yields an

            4. make the acquaintance of sb= make sb’s acquaintance主要表示結識,做一個短暫的動詞

            5. be active in work工作積極

            用法:Activity意思是活躍;所以activity in trade商業活躍;其復數activities才表示種種活動campus activities校園活動

            By/through agency of經...介紹,通過...之手;place/put sth on the agenda把某事提到日程上來



            在表示增添increase的時候是一個不及物動詞add to; The bad weather added to our difficulties.

            7. advance growth促進增長;

            用法:have an advantage over勝過,優于:A man who can think will always have an advantage over others. 能動腦子的人總是會勝過別人.

            Take advantage of因利乘便,趁...zhiji機,利用---a person who is gullible and easy to take advantage of . 易受騙并且容易利用的人.

            8. adventure是一個名詞,主要指一些使人心振奮,尋求刺激性的冒險;venture是動詞也是名詞,主要指生命危險或經濟風險;the business venture

            Nothing venture, nothing gain不入虎穴,焉得虎子

            9. take(give) one’s advice接受(給與)忠告或建議,advice是不可數名詞


            I advise that he (should) leave now.

            It is advisable that he (should) leave now.

            10. make allowance (s) for=allow for考慮到,顧及,體諒,原諒

            用法:You should make allowance for his youth= You should allow for his youth.

            11. alternately輪流地; alternatively,另一方面,要不然

            用法:It may have been because of the weather, or alternatively it may have been the result of indigestion.

            Be alien to---與...不相容,與性質不同---Cruelty was quite alien to his nature/to him. 殘忍的行為與他的本性[與他]格格不入.

            12. be angry with sb---生某人的氣; be angry at/about sth---因某事生氣;be angry生氣(狀態); get angry發怒(動作)

            用法:anger既是動詞也是名詞,in anger---He hit the boy in anger.他生氣而揍了這小子.

            13. judge by appearance從外表上判斷

            14. answer for對...負有責任---You must answer for her safty.

            用法:Swear的過去式,過去分詞是swore,sworn,其在做宣誓,發誓的時候使用swear to...

            He swore to keep the secret.

            Swear在做詛咒,咒罵的時候,使用 swear at...

            She swore at the boy.


            用法:在談及多少的時候用 large或small attendant作為形容詞意思是伴隨的,隨之而來的,the attendant difficulties隨之而來的困難 attend to one’s business專心于事業,辦些事情(就我查的例句來看,并不表示專心于事業,而只是辦些事情)--- Mr Fogg had sixteen hours in which to attend to his business there, which was to deposit Aouda safely with her wealthy relative. 福克先生還可以有十六小時來辦一些自己的事情,也就是說替艾娥達夫人找那位親戚.


            用法:復數authorities才表示當局,官方---the authorities concerned有關當局

            an authority on---在...方面的權威---He is an authority on English. Authority over---對...人的凌駕---Chinese parents have more authority over their children.


            18.have a bearing on=have connection with與...有關

            用法: Attention should be centred on the links that have a bearing on the situation as a whole. 應該注意那些涉及全局的重要關節

            19.make an attack on…攻擊

            用法: and Joshua and all Israel with him went on to make an attack on Debir; 約書亞和以色列眾人回到底璧,攻打這城.

            20.avoid/escape + doing; be void/devoid of common sense缺乏常識;